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The Weed Lady

           "Simple garden maintenance for busy people"

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About Us

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The Weed Lady is a full-service landscape maintenance business with nearly 20 years of experience serving our highly-satisfied customers throughout the Columbus area. 

We care for gardens of all shapes and sizes from smaller residential and patio garden spaces to larger properties and estates.  

The Weed Lady combines the diverse talents and experiences of our gardening team to maintain garden spaces with precision and style while working in concert with nature.  


Full Service Firm

Spring & Fall Clean-up

Monthly Garden Bed Maintenance Program

Customized Weed Control Solutions

Professional Flower Bed Edging and Mulching

Precision Hedge Trimming & Ornamental Shrub Pruning


What We Do

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Monthly Garden Bed Maintenance
A tailored monthly garden maintenance plan in response to each garden’s unique needs.  A typical monthly visit includes: weeding, bed edging, hedge trimming, mulch freshening,
hand pruning of ornamental plants and shrubs.
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Spring & Fall Clean-up 
A good, thorough clean-up is essential to prepare your garden in Spring for the long and vibrant growing season that lies ahead or for putting plants, shrubs and garden beds to rest at the end of the season in Fall.
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Weed Control Solutions
We have the experience, expertise and the right strategy to effectively and affordably manage and treat the specific weed problem in your garden:
  •    Professionally licensed herbicide applications

  •     Pre-emergent weed control product application (Preen)

  •     Bio-degradable weed barrier installation and mulching

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Landscape Consultation
 I can provide a complete and personalized assessment of your existing garden space. I can provide customized solutions for problematic garden areas, and propose new design ideas and planting options that best suit your taste, budget and maintenance preferences.  

​Spring Gardening Checklist

Spring Clean - Up
  • Rid garden beds of leftover winter debris & pull remaining weeds

  • Cutback perennial foliage & ornamental grasses

  • Re-define garden beds with sharp edge lines & apply mulch to beds

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Divide & Transplant Perennials

• Mild temps and steady rainfall provide ideal conditions for moving plants and re-imagining garden spaces

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Pre-emergent Weed Control Application

• Greatly reduces weed growth in flower beds without harming ornamental plants & flowers

• Applied in early March-April when the Forsythia blooms

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Our Staff

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Beth Avgerinos ~ The Weed Lady

"I was born into a love of nature and gardening -

I learned at an early age to plant and care for flower gardens and to be a good steward of the earth.  

I now work professionally to be a good steward of every garden that I work in and to build relationships with my clients that endure the test of time."

The Weed Lady Staff

Weed Lady team members are trained in the art of the garden -  The diverse experiences of our gardening team enables us to maintain garden spaces with precision and style while working in concert with nature. 

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 If you are interested in our services and would like to request an appointment, please be in contact with us. Thank you!

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